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Introducting the Texas Theta Blog

March 29, 2009

Welcome to the Texas Theta Blog, the Chapter’s newest online venture! As Phi Delta Theta continues to embrace and incorporate the technology of the day into its operations, the idea of a well-managed blog came to the forefront as we searched for additional ways to educate our members, provide platforms for discussions, and give a glimpse into the lives and experiences of Phi Delts at West Texas A&M.

We want to utilize the blog to gather feedback  and educate our membership/alumni base about the issues in the community that surround the chapter.  We plan on updating this blog on a regular basis and featuring guest bloggers who will speak about the topics that they know best and allowing our membership to comment on their blog posts.  If you would like to become a guest blogger, please send along your proposed topic and post (text) to a chapter member,