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Texas Theta Awarded WTAMU’s Highest Organization Honor

April 30, 2009

I am proud to anounce that Texas Theta was awarded the “Outstanding Organization of the Year.” This award has never been won by a fraternity on campus. This just shows how much of an honor it is to receive it.

Along with this award Texas Theta was awarded with “Fraternal Excellence.” This has not been awarded to anybody since 2002.

Keith Brown was also named the “Greek Advisor of the Year.”

Chase Davis was runner-up for “Organization President of the Year.”

Josh Runion was runner-up for “Man of the Year.”

Men of Texas Theta,

I just want to tell you how hard the chapter has worked to get to this point and how many years of building the chapter in order to receive these very prestigious awards. It took all active members of Texas Theta, current and past, to help achieve these awards. I just want to extend our gratitude to all the alumni and the members of Texas Theta for their hard work. Congratulations to all Texas Theta Phi Delt’s on these awards your chapter has achieved.

Joseph Price

Bond# 1032